Riverside Police Know Your Limit program breathalyzer
Riverside Police's 'Know Your Limit' Program Allows For Free Breathalyzers (Courtesy of Riverside Police)

The Riverside Police Department in California is making strides to curb drunk driving with its new “Know Your Limit” program, where officers provide a free breathalyzer to those who are interested.

The program deploys officers on foot to busy entertainment areas in the city. Patrons of bars and clubs are asked if they would like to check their blood alcohol content (BAC) level voluntarily.

If the participant blows more than a .08, they are asked to wait a little while before getting behind the wheel of a car or officers will help them find a cab or hotel for the night.

“It’s surprising for most who volunteer on how high their blood alcohol content level is,” Lt. Mark Rossi, a member of Riverside PD’s traffic bureau, said in a release. “We had one volunteer who guessed his alcohol level was at .04. His actual BAC was .12.”

In California, anyone arrested for a first-time DUI offense can find themselves in prison for up to six months and see fines as much as $10,000.

“The program is not intended to be a scare tactic but instead, to provide education to the community by encouraging patrons to designate a sober driver, seek alternate transportation or stay at an area hotel/motel,” Rossi added.

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