RMA Armament’s hard armor plates have created a lot of buzz in 2015 for their superior protection for law enforcement officers.

RMA Armament recently held a live fire demonstration of its products with members of the law enforcement community.

According to RMA:

The video was produced during a live fire demonstration of RMA’s superior body armor products with members of various Quad City Area police departments in attendance. During the shoot, RMA demonstrated its superiority in manufacturing and unparalleled performance in stopping power while testing level III, IV and IIIa hard armor plates, along with a IIIa soft armor insert. As is the norm, RMA’s flagship level IV hard armor plate defeated five 30.06 M2AP rounds with zero penetration.

Upon request, RMA will perform a live fire demonstration for any law enforcement agency in the United States to display its life-saving performance.

For more information on the armor plates and other products from RMA Armament, please visit

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