P-223 in new P-Series mounts kept the Remington rifle on target out to 200-plus yards!

Recently, the editors at Harris Publications were invited to visit Nikon for a sneak peek at some new products as well as a chance to go hands on with them at the range.

Building on the success of its M-223 series of optics designed specifically for .223-chambered MSRs (modern sporting rifles, or “ARs”), the company has introduced the P-223 line. This line offers the advantages of a BDC reticle optimized for 55-grain, polymer-tipped ammo for easier long-range shooting and the inherent Nikon quality at very reasonable price points.

p-223-3-9-copyA shooter puts the P-223 3-9x40mm (mounted on a DPMS AR in .223) through its paces at 200 yards.

The P-223 3-9x40mm offers a variable-power optic with bullet-drop compensation in the reticle out to 600 yards, and all at a retail price of $199. The P-223 3×32 is a compact fixed-power optic with an overall length of just over 8 inches designed for M4 Carbine-pattern ARs. It features a simplified BDC reticle suited to carbine-sized rifles. Also, the company offers a full range of reasonably priced mounts for these optics.

p-22-copyThe P-22 scope proved to be a perfect companion for this Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 rifle on the range.

We had a chance to try several of their optics at the range, with targets set out to 200 yards. In addition to the P-223 optics, we also had chance to try out the M-308, M-223 and P-22 (rimfire) series as well. Over the course of an hour, we were able to accurately hit targets as small as a shotgun shell hull at 200 yards with the easy-to-use BDC reticle. In fact, several of those in attendance commented on the excellent performance of the P-223 3-9x40mm scope at that distance considering its very reasonable price point.

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nikon-lacort-with-prostaff-coyote-copyJon LaCorte, Nikon’s Senior Product Marketing Manager wrings out the popular Nikon Coyote Special 4.5-14×40.

nikon-spot-on-technology-at-work-copyNikon’s Spot-On technology goes from computer to the field. Join the 900,000 other users at

p223-3x32The P-223 3x32mm is a compact optic designed for M4 Carbine-style AR rifles. It measures just over 8 inches in length and features a simplified BDC reticle.

p223_3_9x40_rt_pThe 3-9x40mm P-223 optic offers variable power and a BDC reticle for a mere $199 retail.

range3p-223 camospottingscope5k

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