RP Advanced Mobile Systems of McMinnville, Oregon has announced that it is launching a new line of LTATV Strike and Mobility Vehicles for Special Operations and Rapid Reaction Forces. The first of three vehicles to be announced is the RP Advanced C2 Strike Mobility Commander. This vehicle fills the Commander’s needs for a C2/C4 vehicle that is low cost, lightweight and can be deployed by fixed and rotary wing aircraft quickly and easily to the battlefield.

The new vehicle is based on the commercially available BRP Can-Am Commander 1000 cc side-by-side with modifications designed for the mission specific requirements of the US Military and government agencies. The factory bumpers, suspension, tires, seats and cargo area have all been replaced by RP Advanced Mobile Systems components for longer life and better suitability to the specific requirements of the customer. This vehicle will be one of the first vehicles to utilize RP’s new Fatigue Mitigation MOLLE Tactical Seat system, along with their SOF Series II 12-Ply Run-Flat Tires and T1 Beadlock Wheels as well as an electrical support system to allow prolonged operation of communications equipment while the vehicle engine is not running.

The two additional vehicles will be based on the Can-Am Maverick 1000 in both 2 passenger and 4 passenger configurations. All three vehicles will be unveiled in booth 450 at the upcoming NDIA SOFIC show in Tampa, Florida. The new RP Advanced C2 Strike Mobility Vehicle is currently being evaluated by military customers and is expected to see service very soon.

Source: Jon Crowley for SXSnews

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