Unconfirmed sources at Activision have revealed details about Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game including its subtitle. If true, these details indicate a change in direction for the B-team’s take on the franchise.

According to the information for now labeled as rumor, the next Call of Duty game will be subtitled “Black Ops” and will come out in November. It will apparently take place over a relatively long period of time, suggesting more settings than just the previously speculated Vietnam.

According to this information the game could end up being covering much of the Cold War, or it could just be about special operations throughout history. “Call of Duty 7 will be set in recent history, between WWII and present day,” the sources say. Specific locations mentioned were Cuba, South America, and London.

The sources describe the London setting in particular as an SAS (the British forces from Call of Duty 4) mission involving close combat at the Iranian Embassy there in “the 1980s”. This is likely a direct reference to the real life Operation Nimrod that the SAS conducted to resolve a hostage crisis at that Embassy in 1980.

This “Black Ops” subtitle is supported by the most concrete information in existence about the next Call of Duty. A Hollywood casting call in February revealed that some characters of the game would be members of MACVSOG – a real life Vietnam War special operations group.

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