Image: “The Voice of Russia”

Russia’s Izhevsk Machine Building Plant (Izhmash) has officially unveiled its new fifth generation Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle.

Until recently, the new Kalashnikov rifle remained shrouded in mystery. The reason for that was that the plant started developing the new model on its own initiative. The Defence Ministry did not place an order for its development and generally greeted it with little enthusiasm. The development of the new rifle was initiated mainly by the plant’s Chief Designer Vladimir Zlobin and was completed in 2011. The new rifle is practically a base model, which enables the clients to make any additional changes to the design and ergonomics of the weapon, says an official of the Izhmash Company, Elena Filatova.

“One of the features that is specific to the new Kalashnikov rifle is its modular nature. It is designed as a base model which can serve as a basis for making about 20 different modifications of weapons which could be used for both civil and military purposes and with different caliber bullets,” Elena Filatova said.

Source: Oleg Nekhai for Moscow Times.

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