Sacramento PD released body cam footage from a shootout that left one officer dead. Tara O’Sullivan, 26, on the force for only a year, suffered a fatal gunshot wound during an intense gun fight June 19.

Sacramento PD Mourn Fallen Officer

“We are devastated tonight,” Deputy Chief Dave Peletta said, in a report posted by “There are no words to convey the depth of sadness we feel or how heartbroken we are for our family of our young, brave officer.”

The incident began when officers responded to a call for a domestic disturbance between a man and a woman. Officers assisted the woman with removing personal belongings from the residence. That’s when a man inside opened fire with a rifle. O’Sullivan took fire and fell in a yard. She laid for nearly 45 minutes before being evacuated, according to

Since the shooting, local media criticized police for the response time in getting aid to the wounded O’Sullivan. However, the assailant remained armed and in a position to fire on officers at the scene.

“Due to one of our officers being shot, our officers took safe positions, and at that time they believed the officer was shot with a rifle,” said police spokesman Sgt. Vance Chandler, as reported by “The officer went down in the yard of a residence, and due to the suspect being armed with a rifle and actively shooting our officers maintained cover in safe positions until we were able to get an armored vehicle in the area.”

Authorities took O’Sullivan to a local hospital. Tragically, she died there later that evening.

The standoff, and more shooting, continued on into the night. Finally, several hours after the standoff began, 45-year-old Adel Sambrano Ramos surrendered to police. Authorities initially charged Ramos with a single count of murder, though reports of weapons and other threats, along with his past history of domestic violence, suggest additional charges may be coming.

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