Sacramento Police engaged in a wild daytime shootout recently. It started when an attempted murder suspect, attempting to evade police, pulled into a supermarket shopping center parking lot. He then threw open the door, jumped out, and started blasting away with a pistol.

Sacramento Police Engage in Wild Daytime Shootout

The April 11 incident began when officers received word of an armed suspect in the area. Police located the suspect’s car and began pursuit. Officer dash and body cam footage captures the incident, including numerous rounds fired once the suspect opens fire.

“By viewing Officer 1’s ICC video you can see the suspect exit his vehicle and turn towards the officers,” said a Sacramento Police statement. “He then points the firearm at the officers and begins firing multiple rounds. Both officers return fire and the suspect then runs in a northwest direction through the parking lot.

“The suspect then lays in a prone position and again fires upon officers,” the statement continues. “The officers are eventually able to tactically approach the suspect and safely take him into custody.”

Footage shows bullets smash into an officer’s windshield, as well as a bystander’s window, with two civilians inside. Multiple officers return fire, and at least one officer engages the suspect with a patrol rifle. Finally, officers hit the suspect, who manages to retain his pistol.

“Roll onto your stomach away from the firearm now,” an officer says over PA in the video. “Continue to roll away from the firearm, continue rolling to your right. If you move toward the firearm, we will shoot you.”

An officer estimated the suspect received two or three gunshots during the shootout, according to Officers finally geared up with ballistic shields and approached and detained the suspect.

“Leave me alone, let me die,” the suspect yelled toward police. “Shoot me again.”

“I just saw him pull out a gun, and I started shooting,” an officer says in the footage following the shootout.

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