Safariland Group California contract
Safariland Group Wins $6M Body Armor Contract From California Agencies

California agencies have turned to The Safariland Group for their body armor.

The Safariland Group announced Tuesday that it has been awarded a $6 million, two-year contract from the State of California for its Second Chance body armor, according to a release.

This contract is for Second Chance Summit, Prism and Prism MT series body armor products for all California agency employees requiring ballistics and stab protection, and allows for two one-year contract extensions. In addition, both city and county agencies within the State of California may also purchase armor equipment through this contract.

This contract specifies Summit threat type II and threat type IIIA male and female concealable body armor. These vests feature the latest in state-of-the-art technologies that make them among the softest and most comfortable vests available, and are constructed with advanced materials including those produced exclusively for the Second Chance brand. By interweaving ballistic fabrics with proprietary design techniques, these vests provide a high level of protection yet are made from some of the lightest weight materials available to the industry today.

“We are equipped with one of the most advanced testing laboratories in the world. Our body armor products are designed by highly-experienced ballistic engineers and a network of supplier-partners including Honeywell, DuPont and Teijin,” said Todd Mackler, Vice President of Armor for The Safariland Group, in a statement. “After holding a body armor contract with the State of California for the past five years, we are proud to continue to protect these officers with high-quality and trusted body armor.”

Agencies throughout the state will also don the Prism and Prism MT Series vests. The Prism line provides reliable protection against corrections-made weapons classified as circular penetrators while the Prism MT also protects against ballistic threats.

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