Taser International Axon body camera Saginaw Police
The Taser International Axon body camera

The Saginaw Police Department in Michigan will add 12 body cameras to its force this year.

The 12 Axon body cameras from TASER International have a total price tag of $4,827.95, according to MLive.com.

The majority of the purchase price is covered by a $4,119 U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant secured by the Saginaw Police Department.

… The remaining $708.95 of the purchase will come from the department’s drug forfeiture fund, [Saginaw Police Chief Robert] Ruth said.

According to a memo prepared for City Council on the purchase, the intent of equipping city officers with cameras is “to allow for more thorough information sharing, interdiction and disruption, on-scene security and protection.”

“It gives accountability to the citizens and the police department,” Ruth told MLive.com.


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