A man armed with a knife charged Salt Lake City police.

Recently released body cam footage shows a suspect violently charge Salt Lake City Police, armed with a knife. The man ignored multiple commands to drop the weapon before charging the officer. Police opened fire, stopping the threat and killing the suspect.

Salt Lake City Police Stop Knife Charge

The incident began when authorities responded to a local park after reports of a stabbing. Fire crews arrived first on the scene, according to ABC 4. They began rendering aid to an unidentified woman, suffering from multiple injuries. Even bystanders rendered aid before emergency personnel arrived, likely saving the woman’s life, according to Chief Mike Brown, reported ABC 4.

As emergency crews worked on the woman, a man reportedly approached, armed with a knife. The suspect, identified as 39-year-old Rezek Yaqub Yahya, ignored multiple commands to drop the knife. Footage shows him finally charge an officer, knife at the ready. Police opened fire, dropping the suspect.

“Today, our officers put themselves between an armed suspect, a serious injured citizen, and the first responders who were trying to give her aid,” Brown said, reported ABC 4. “The officers placed themselves in an extremely dangerous situation where they were forced to make a split-second decision. They made a decision to protect the community, our brothers and sisters of the Salt Lake City Fire Department, and themselves. I truly believe that the actions taken today by our officers saved lives.”

“Ultimately, after reviewing the footage myself of the incident, I believe this was a choice they had to make in order to ensure the safety of the victim, of our firefighters who were rendering aid, to the bystanders, and to themselves,” said Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “What I saw was an example of excellent policing under threatening and terrible circumstances.”

Authorities attempted to render aid to the suspect, but he died on the scene. Officials said the woman remained in critical condition.

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