An alleged auto theft suspect nearly ran over a police officer during an attempted escape in Salt Lake City. But Salk Lake Police officer’s shot the suspect repeatedly, which drastically changed the suspect’s demeanor.

Salt Lake Police Shoot Auto Theft Suspect

“Sir, I have a mental disability. I’m sorry. That was f*cked up,” Tyler Webster said moments after police shot him. “… Help me, please. I’m done. Please help me.”

And that’s exactly what police did, rendering aid and transporting Webster to a local hospital with non-life threatening wounds, according to Authorities then transported Webster to the Salt Lake County jail, where he awaits charges of assault on a police officer, robbery, car theft and failing to stop at the command of an officer, according to

The episode becomes the latest in a long string of criminal behavior by Webster. Only the day previous to the shooting, police arrested the suspect for allegedly hitting his girlfriend and breaking her windshield. Webster also has a history of stealing cars, police said. He allegedly pulled a scheme similar to the one that led to the shooting.

The incident began when Webster and another man allegedly met with a third man selling his Mustang GT online, according to That’s when police said the two men conspired on stealing the vehicle.

Salt Lake Police Respond

“Webster asked to take the vehicle for a test drive, to which (the victim) agreed but would not allow Webster and the male to take his vehicle without (the victim) being present,” a police affidavit states.

Then after the test drive, with the victim and the second man looking under the hood, Webster allegedly jumped into the Mustang and took off, according to Within minutes, police spotted the stolen car and intervened.

“The officers activated their overhead red-and-blue lights, presenting a visual command to stop and came nose to nose with the vehicle Webster had just taken. Webster attempted to flee from the officers by reversing away from them,” the affidavit states.

Footage shows Webster ignore commands and attempt to flee. A Taser deployment proved ineffective. An open vehicle door nearly dragged down an officer in the process. Police then opened fire, with footage showing what appears to be five shots. Watch the entire video above.

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