San Francisco Police Quadski
(Photo by @darrenrovell/Twitter)

The San Francisco Police Department debuted its all new quadski this weekend in the waters outside AT&T Park at McCovey Cove.

According to ABC News:

The “quadski” goes way off road. It can turn from an ATV into a jetski with the flip of a switch. People are comparing it to the Batmobile.

It is basically a Transformer. It converts from an all-terrain four wheeler to a jetski and Tuesday is its official unveiling for Law Enforcement Appreciation Night at AT&T Park.

“It’s pretty unique. This watercraft will do 45 miles per hour on land or water. It just changes from mode to mode in a push of a button,” SFPD Sgt. Keith Matthews told ABC News.

Two quadskis were gifted to the department by Mark Benioff, CEO of San Francisco-based company Salesforce.

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