With the growing amount of animosity plaguing law enforcement officials on the border, the staff at Lozano Shooting Range decided they should offer a course to better help officials defend themselves.

Trainers at the shooting range held a training class on Saturday to show local officials from the Roma Police Department and the Starr County Sheriff’s Office how to better use assault rifles, range spokesman George Rice said.

“We’re not setting up or showing them fighting tactics,” he said. “We’re not setting operating procedures. We are just showing them how to manipulate their weapon should they ever need to. It’s not just point and shoot. That doesn’t happen in real life.”

One unique thing about the class is that some of the instructors have trained in the U.S. military, Rice said. Military-trained teachers are able to share the latest techniques and have experienced real combat using the techniques being taught.

“These guys are young guys, fresh from the battlefield,” Rice said. “It’s good to have them because they’ve experienced this before. The police can learn from them, especially because of what’s going on across the border right now.”

However, the more important thing about this training was keeping firearms instructors up to date with the latest and greatest developments in using assault rifles, Starr County Capt. Larry Fuentes said.

“Our firearms instructors are the ones who attend those classes,” he said. “And then they come back and do the training with the rest of the officers.”

While the Starr County Sheriff’s Office is equipped with assault rifles and the officers are certified to use them, the certification requirements sometimes change, Fuentes said.

Source: Lindsay Machak for The Monitor.

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