The country of Turkey has long been known for its firearms manufacturing. Mostly for some of its shotguns, particularly those that involved woodwork. Pistols and other guns have come in over the years with varying quality. For the most part they were best known for being “okay” guns at a reasonable price.


In the last year, two guns imported from Sarslimaz have passed through my hands. The K2 .45 was a huge surprise and remains one of my favorite pistols to shoot. I also tested an ST10 that exhibited excellent workmanship, accuracy and reliability. Both were well made and offered at affordable prices. A far cry from guns that are “cheap” and just “okay,” they were clearly well designed and manufactured.


Turkish guns have been long known for being built in what amounts to a garage, but that was certainly not the case here. Thanks to Keith at EAA and the owners of Sarslimaz, a trip to the factory was arranged to observe why firsthand.

Factory Tour


Factory Tour
It is clear that Turkey is a country on the rise. State-of-the-art factories are surrounded by high-rise buildings, well-appointed dwellings, and hotels and shopping. With its secular government and Muslim heritage, it may be the perfect mix of old and new. From ancient ruins to the latest fashions, Istanbul has it all. It is also one of the cleanest places around. From the grand bizarre to the average truck stop, everything is well kept, clean and staffed by some of the hardest working and most friendly people around. It was truly a delight and quite an experience.


Situated a couple of hours from Istanbul, the Sarslimaz factory is huge. It is also brand new and truly state of the art. With seven axis CNC machines, cutting-edge logistics, and trained and talented operators, it is as modern as any factory in America. The entire plant is spotless—more like a medical facility than a gun factory. It was easily one of the best-looking weapons plants I have ever seen.


Every step in the manufacturing process is taken with the greatest attention to detail. All of the parts start from forgings—there are no castings here. Most parts, including the famous Turkish wood stocks are made, in-house. Final assembly is completed with great detail and by experienced gunsmiths. High-tech tooling allows Sarsilmaz to get the tightest tolerances. This results in some excellent shotguns and pistols. As the supplier of pistols to the entirety of the military and police in Turkey, these are proven weapons with a long track record.

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Sar Arms
Sar Arms is the newly formed import company for all Sarslimaz guns. In cooperation with EAA, they will be the sole importer. Given some time, the entire line of sporting shotguns and pistols will be available in America. Many are pending ATF approval right now. Once they arrive, they will have quite an impact. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, solid design and a proven history, Sar Arms will offer the consumer an excellent pistol or shotgun at a reasonable cost. Keep your eyes open: When they arrive, you are going to want to give them a solid look. For more information, visit or call 321-639-4842.



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