the Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match is going to be a new test for precision rifle enthusiasts
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NRL Hunter, Competition Dynamics, and Savage join forces to create the new Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match! This new match format should appeal not only to hunters but all precision rifle enthusiasts.

A New Test of Skills

“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with both Competition Dynamics and Savage to produce this unique event that will provide realistic hunting scenarios and the opportunity for competitors to test their outdoor skills, gear, mental fortitude, and marksmanship skills. This is the kind of match that I would love to compete in,” said NRL president, Travis Ishida. 

Built around the NRL Hunter format, the Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match will utilize the event expertiseand logistics from Competition Dynamics creating a unique type of team precision rifle match. Savage Arms‘ Director of Marketing Beth Shimanski reinforced that point: “NRL Matches have always showcased a unique match format that appeals to a variety of hunters and shooters. We are thrilled to be partnering with NRL Hunter and Competition Dynamics to present the first-ever team competition. This unique competition format, paired with a team setting is going to raise the level of competition among the teams.  We can’t wait to help put on an unforgettable event for everyone.”

Not Your Regular Precision Match

The Savage Backcountry Xtreme Hunter Team Match tests a range of competitor skills including land navigation, problem solving, bushcraft, and of course marksmanship. It wouldn’t be much of a shooting match if there wasn’t a true test of shooting skill involved. Furthermore, the four-day format simulates a wilderness experience involving on-site camping and non-shooting challenges. Additionally, the marksmanship challenges will help the teams score points towards the overall win.

For more information on the Xtreme Hunter Team Match, visit Competition Dynamics’ website. There you’ll find information on registration, which opens on Monday January 3, 2022 at 7:00 AM MST. There are only60 teams slots available, so gather your crew now!

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