Say the words “Marine Corps training” to the average person and their mind will probably instantly conjure up images of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman screaming at Private Pyle in the 1987 classic “Full Metal Jacket.” But guess what? That’s Recruit Training. Upon graduation from either MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego, Marines then head out to School of Infantry (SOI) East at Camp Geiger—part of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina—or SOI West situated in the Camp San Onofre area of Camp Pendleton in California.

To show you what SOI training is like, we went ahead and dug up the video you see above, courtesy of a YouTube channel that calls itself Foxtrot Alpha. This fascinating clip includes five different aspects of School of Infantry-East training and gives you an idea of the very intense work these guys put in to being the best of the best. See below for a breakdown of the video to make things a little easier.

0:00 — Obstacle Course
6:21 — Mortar Training
10:56 — M203 Training
16:26 — Weapons Training
21:34 — Field Training

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