Hillsborough County Sheriff's arrested a school officer that pawned his duty weapon.
(Photo by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office)

A school resource officer in Florida is in hot water over allegedly pawning is duty pistol and then bringing a BB gun to work while on duty. Hillsborough County police arrested the officer, assigned to Mango Elementary School.

School Officer Pawns Duty Weapon

As inexplicable as it might sound, officials emphatically said the officer, Leroy King, willfully jeopardized those he swore to protect. The officer pawned his sidearm for cash.

“It wasn’t being fixed … wasn’t broken,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister, reported fox13news.com. “It wasn’t left someplace where he was taking target and shooting practice. He had pawned that school security issued firearm … assigned to him to protect the children at Mango Elementary.”

A supervisor discovered the BB gun during a standard, random check at the school, according to fox13news.com. The supervisor noticed King failed to wear his holstered weapon, which then led to questioning. At first, King allegedly produced excuses for his missing weapon. In the end, he later confessed to pawning the gun. On top of that, he also confessed to pawning a weapon-mounted light and a ballistic vest assigned by the sheriff’s office.

“He was charged with the duty of protecting our most valuable and precious resource, and that’s our children,” Chronister said. “As a parent, I am disgusted that we have an individual that we have spent time training, that our school security system spent time hiring, with one sole purpose, and that sole purpose was protecting our young people.”

King allegedly pawned the items six times over the last few months, according to fox13news.com. Now he faces eight counts of giving false into to a pawnbroker.

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