Like their guns, individual SEALs set up their plate carriers and tactical equipment to their individual preferences. Some of them use TAG’s latest and most innovative plate carrier, a releasable armor system called the Rampage. With a “rip cord” feature that lets the front and back panels fall away in an emergency, the Ramage utilizes a unique side-entry system so the operator can easily slip into the carrier, which is covered with PALs (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing to attach TAG’s MOLLE pouches.

Other missions might require the SEALs to wear their hard plates in a separate carrier and then drape a chest rig over the top. This way, he could wear only the chest rig if a mission requirement called for maximum speed and thus lightweight gear. An excellent option here is TAG’s Gladiator chest rig, a minimalist design for when speed and maneuverability are paramount. Another option is TAG’s Operator Chest Rig, which can be fitted with an admin pouch above the low-profile, integral mag pouches.

Both operators set up their rigs based around the single most important piece of kit they carry, their PRC-148 MBITR radios. The antennas are wound around to the back of the rigs and threaded through the PALs webbing. TAG makes a special MBITR radio pouch that both operators were using.
Other accessories include TAG’s MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) magazine pouches, a blowout medic kit and pistol magazine pouches. The single-point slings are made by TAG as well and feature double-elastic cables for better flexibility and strength.

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