Keeping right in step with what has arguably been the most tumultuous time period in 50 years, a man set a Seattle Police car on fire recently with the officer still inside. Officer body cam footage shows a suspect fling a massive flaming torch into through the window of an officer’s police vehicle, prompting the officer to shoot for his life. The officer escaped with minor injuries.

Seattle Police Car Set on Fire

It remains unclear as to what set the man off. But footage shows the suspect, identified as 37-year-old Brian Leil, run towards the officer’s vehicle with what appears to be a flaming 2×2.

Earlier, Leil allegedly swung a hammer at a man in a nearby park multiple times, reported Multiple bystanders allegedly stopped the attack and disarmed the Leil.

Then police responded to reports of a man walking the streets with a giant piece of flaming wood, reported Footage shows the officer attempt to talk the man down. But Leil clearly refused to listen, then inexplicably ran toward the police vehicle. He then wildly flings the burning pole through the window. The officer responds in kind, firing shots through his own windows in defense.

No shots hit the suspect, according to Police later found Leil in a nearby parking garage. Officers deployed a Taser and took the suspect into custody without further incident. He now faces charges of first- and second-degree assault, according to Meanwhile, the officer’s vehicle, valued at $70,000, completely engulfed in flames, a total loss. More importantly, the officer only received minor burn injuries.

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