After a comprehensive testing and evaluation process, the Los Angeles Police Department Metro Division’s D-Platoon (SWAT) announced the selection of the Laser Devices (LDI) DBAL-A2
with high power green laser (Part No. 40172) for all assaulter carbines.

“LAPD is continuing the trend of law enforcement teams adopting fully integrated night vision and IR capability,” said John Chapman, Laser Devices Senior Global Support Specialist. “We are proud to have been selected by LAPD.” An LAPD SWAT operator noted that “A fully integrated no-light capability, including the DBAL-A2 laser system, has greatly enhanced our ability to complete our mission under any circumstance.” He added, “The inclusion of the high power green laser also allows us to direct precision fire on the assaulter level while wearing a gas mask or Patriot system, making our mission capabilities seamless across operating conditions.”


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