Senate Bill 6005, micro-stamping legislation sponsored by State Senator Eric Schneiderman (D-31), has been placed on the calendar of the Senate Codes Committee for Tuesday, June 8. Now that S6005 is on the Codes Committee calendar, it is only one step away from a potential vote on the Senate Floor. The companion bill,Assembly Bill 6468C, sponsored by State Assemblywomen Michelle Schimel (D-16), has already passed the Assembly.

Both A6468C and S6005 require that semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in the state of New York be capable of micro-stamping ammunition and establish fines for violations of this requirement.

Micro-stamping is an unproven technology that would require unique identifying information from the firearm, including the make, model, and serial number to be etched into the firing pin and breech face in such a manner that those identifiers are imprinted on the cartridge case upon firing. The technology can easily be defeated with common household tools, has no public safety value, and adds substantially to the cost of the firearm. If passed, the availability of semi-automatic handguns in New Yorkcould be in jeopardy, as manufacturers simply may choose not to build or sell firearms for purchase in the state. In fact, this bill would likely create a de facto ban on new semi-automatic handguns.

If allowed to become law, this bill will serve as a ban on all new semiautomatic handguns in the Empire State! It is imperative that you contact members of theNew York State Senate and respectfully ask that they protect our Second Amendment rights by opposing S6005.

Your State Senator can be contacted through the Senate switchboard at (518) 455-2800. To find your State Senator, please click here.

In addition:

Anti-gun legislators from New York City are pushing legislation (Firearms Microstamping) that would result in banning firearms in the Empire State.

If microstamping were to become law, firearms manufacturers would be forced to employ a patented, sole-sourced technology that independent studies, including those from the National Academy of Sciences and the University of California at Davis, found to be flawed and easily defeated by criminals. Passage of this bill could result in hundreds of layoffs for New York workers, as firearm factories consider moving out of the state. Furthermore, firearms manufacturers could be forced to abandon the New York market altogether rather than spend the astronomical amount of money needed to completely reconfigure their manufacturing and assembly processes. This would directly impact law enforcement, firearms retailers and their law-abiding customers.

“This is an extraordinarily dangerous bill,” said NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane. “As legislation that would mandate microstamping not only threatens law-abiding gun owners but our industry’s ability to supply the nation’s law enforcement officers and military with high-quality firearms, we encourage all citizens of New York to contact their state senator immediately and urge him or her to oppose S. 6005, firearms microstamping.

Companion legislation has already passed the New York Assembly. This bill must be defeated in the New York State Senate.

Learn more about microstamping by viewing the NSSF Microstamping Fact Sheet.

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