A Sheboygan Police officer shot and killed a man July 2 in Wisconsin. Recently released officer body cam footage shows the suspect, armed with two knives, inexplicably charge the officer, leading to the fatal shooting.

Sheboygan Police Officer Stops Knife Charge

The incident began when police responded to a 9-1-1 call alleging a man armed with two knives attacked a woman. That’s when Officer Bryan Pray ran into 32-year-old Kevan Ruffin, Jr, reported

Local surveillance footage showed a disturbance between two people prior to Pray arriving on the scene, reported The footage also showed the suspect, Ruffin, armed with items in each hand.

Officer body cam footage then shows Pray initiate contact with the suspect. “How you doing, Ruffin?” he asks. “Are you, are you fine this morning? Can you just have a seat for me?”

But instead of comply, footage shows Ruffin immediately respond. He turns and shows a massive sai—a traditional ninja weapons—in each hand. He begins advancing on Pray.

“Step back, you’re going to get tased bro,” Pray said, retreating. “Step back, or you will get shot.”

At this point, as the suspect continues to close ground, Pray apparently had enough. He opens up on the suspect, dropping Ruffin in the street. Sheboygan County District Attorney Joel Urmanski recently ruled Pray used an acceptable level of deadly force. No charges will be filed against the officer, who is audibly shaken in the video. It shows the tough decisions officers make on a daily basis.

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