There are shooting schools, there are security schools and there are those that blend the two. Combine security and firearms training with a floating platform and you have a most unique course for a unique situation.  SIG Sauer Academy has recently teamed up with Castle Shipboard Security to offer Shipboard Security courses for officers and crew.

PIRACY TODAY: Piracy has existed since man first set sail on the high seas. However, a mixture of factors has caused acts of piracy on a global scale to skyrocket during the last few years. Sea-going terrorists have become even more brazen as politicians wring their hands trying to come up with politically correct minimum force options.

In the interim, private and commercial vessels are being attacked on a weekly basis. The half solution offered by many world governments is to station warships in the vicinity. If a ship is in trouble its captain should radio for assistance and someone will come eventually to help.

That kind of thinking is akin to the “9-1-1 mentality.” If someone breaks into your house just dial 911 and wait, someone will be along eventually to assist you. The big question is what do you do in the meantime?

training2WELCOME TO SIG SAUER: The new courses available from the SIG SAUER Academy deal with subjects such as modern piracy and how to identify threats and potential threats. The courses discuss preferred methods of attack by high seas criminals and how to counter act them.

Naturally there are special considerations in maritime/shipboard security. The shipboard environment is unique and offers many challenges.

If you are dealing with a pleasure vessel, such as a private yacht, the interior construction will be similar to a residential home. That is to say, it is not going to be very bullet resistant. Any rounds fired by good guys or bad will likely penetrate the bulkheads and enter adjoining compartments. On the other hand you have commercial vessels. These are made of steel but their cargos can be highly volatile. All these things must be taken into account.

DON’T WAIT: Shipboard Security training is certainly prudent and necessary in this day and age. For those who would rather not call “911” and wait around, SIG SAUER Academy now has pro-active training for you and your crew. For more information visit:

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