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Footage from the 2011 NFA Wyoming Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot. Lots of vendors and machine gun rentals were in attendance as well as a M5A1 Stuart Light Tank. The Stuart has a live 37mm main gun as well as 3 M1919 machine guns. The shoot always had something to look at as well as fun for the whole family! There was also a V-100 Commando and HMMWV in attendance. Special thanks to R&R Exotic Machines for use of the M1919 on the Stuart tank, Thanks guys!!!!

The row of machine gunners sprayed a steady stream of bullets hundreds of yards downrange into the Wyoming prairie, destroying propane tanks, fire extinguishers and the occasional stick of dynamite or sacrificial radio-controlled model airplane.

These enthusiasts were celebrating machine guns and machine gun rights — and they have been doing so annually at the Northern Rockies Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot, the 2011 edition of which recently was held at a ranch near Casper.

“A lot of people give us a bad rap and say, ‘Why do you need a full-auto gun?’ ” said Quinton Miller of Casper, one of several dealers offering machine guns for rent. “Well, because we can.”

The shoot featured a wide array of machine guns and earsplitting noise: Large ones on tripods pulsed with a profound thumping bass. Small ones, designed to fit under suit coats, emptied their magazines with jagged rips of sound. Gunners wore both foam ear plugs and ear phones to prevent hearing damage from the wall of sound.

Although machine guns are designed solely to kill, they are also are marvels of mechanical engineering — something celebrated at the Wyoming shoot. They harness the gas pressure or recoil of each cartridge as it fires to cycle the action, eject the empty casing and feed in a fresh cartridge.

Demand for machine guns went up sharply after Congress banned sales of new guns to civilians in the mid-80s. The government taxes each machine gun transfer $200.

With the supply of guns fixed, it can cost $12,000 to $15,000 to buy a gun like Bill Hudick’s World War I-era .303-caliber Vickers. Buyers must apply for and pass a federal government background check. Hudick and other shooters emphasized that legal, registered machine guns aren’t typically used in crimes.

Source: Ben Neary for The Associated Press.

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YouTube Video Description: Footage from the 2011 NFA Wyoming Machine Gun and Cannon Shoot.…