The SHOT Show is not just about firearms- it also has a very large law enforcement exposition. The LE & Tactical section was filled to the brim with manufacturers who develop anything and everything a street cop and tactical operator may need on the job- including less-lethal munitions & technology. In the less-lethal realm of things, we will divide products into four categories: Chemical, Impact Munitions, Electronic and Distraction.


Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) was on-hand with their Live Shotgun Stream® brand of products. ETGI offers 5.5% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) products as well as combination sprays of OC with CS. With “shotgun” steams of spray that will hit out to 15 feet which ETGI states gives officers the distance for the sprays to become effective. ETGI only uses a one million Scoville Heat Unit spray to reduce decontamination time. Also from ETGI is their inert training spray Hydro-Shot™ spray. I’ve used Hydro-Shot which uses water as a safe spray liquid for training, in confrontation simulation training; it is a very safe and excellent training tool.


Security Equipment Corporation was on hand with their excellent line of spray products and accessories. New for 2009 is the Sabre Crossfire™ line. According the manufacturer Crossfire can be deployed regardless of the can orientation even upside down. This means that in the heat of the street officer can successfully spray their suspects. The Crossfire technology is available with Sabre Defense, Sabre 5.0 and Sabre Red models.

Sabre offers a large line of chemical products including Sabre Decon Cleanse™ and Soothe™. These two products are designed to cleanse the OC pepper oils off the skin and soothe the burning effect of the chemicals.


A new product line on display this year was Spitfire® which states that their products are in use with federal law enforcement agencies and the military. Spitfire’s unique design allows the spray dispenser to be carried in the hand with the user’s thumb resting on the spring loaded actuator.

spitfire2.gifPress forward and down and a blast of OC spray is pushed on the end. Spitfire uses a 10% OC solution at 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units) in a cone pattern to increase respiratory effects against suspects. The Spitfire unit has a built-in key holder with a quick disconnect. The OC unit is then instantly accessible by simply ripping it off your vehicle’s ignition keys if you’re attacked while behind the wheel.


Zarc International is the manufacturer of the excellent Vexor and Cap-Stun line of OC products. New at the show was a integral polycarbonate carrier for their products which includes the belt carrier unit. The two ounce OC canisters can be reloaded into the carrier if the spray can is empty. These low cost belt carried unit means that an excellent OC irritant spray can be carried readily available but secure on the belt for instant use for either the private citizen or law enforcement professional.


Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel® has never rested his companies interest on just fine knives. Cold Steel carries a full-line of impact weapons large and small as well as some other products. Lynn previously sold another companies OC product but has now come up with his own. New for ’09 is Cold Steel Inferno®. A combination of 2% black pepper and 8% Oleoresin Capsicum, Inferno is a foam consistency that shoots out in a stream. According to Cold Steel the 2% black pepper will induce sneezing to pull the product into the mucous membranes. Sounds like fun…not.


Mace Security International was showcasing their Takedown® line of OC/CS combination sprays, OC 5.5, 10% pepper, pepper foam and pepper gel products. I’ve tested their pepper foam line and would not want to get hit with this sticky, foam like spray or the new pepper gel. Mace also offers Takedown Relief which is an herbal decontaminate spray which helps relieve the effects of OC on the skin.


Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) offers a new aerosol grenade the Model 6240-A which is an OC vapor grenade. Effects according to friends that have experienced the awe and mystery are very quick but is quickly decontaminated as well. The vapor type of deployment from the grenade increase respiratory effects as well as the usual eye closing effects of pepper. CTS offers spray models with just OC in three different levels of Capsaicinoid levels, OC/CS, and OC foam.


Defense Technologies® is now under the group name of Safariland® along with Second Chance® body armor, Bianchi® and other related companies. Defense Technologies still offers the excellent products you’ve come to know. In the chemical irritant category, they offer the excellent 360º spray line which also allows the spray to function regardless of can orientation; the X2 spray which has twice the capsaicin concentration; the First Defense® line; 5.5% Peppermace®; 10% Pepperfoam®, as well as a large line of special operations chemical munitions including their Ferret® barricade penetrating line.

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