Shotguns are still prevalent in today’s law enforcement and military operations. The ubiquitous 12-gauge pump loaded with 00 buck still rides in many a patrol car across this nation and is fielded by our military personnel as well. At this year’s SHOT show we took a look at shotguns and the products associated with them (Click the thumbnails to view larger images).

Without a doubt the most issued shotgun in American law enforcement is the Remington 870. Whether the pump gun is an 18-inch with bead sights or 20” with rifled. LE tactical operators still carry 870 pump guns for entry weapons or if less lethal kinetic energy impact munitions are needed.

motorcycle-870-thumb.gifOn display at SHOT were versions of the 870 manufactured by Remington. Las Vegas Metro asked for a folding stock version for their motorcycle officers. The resulting shotgun is finished in black TriNyte® to resist the elements and has a wire top folding stock by Blackhawk’s Knoxx brand SpecOps Folding stock.

lvmp-thumg.gifLVMPD also asked Remington for a specialty less lethal shotgun. The resultant yellow stock and forearm shotgun is finished with brushed nickel finish and cannot be easily misidentified on the street as a less-lethal gun.

ohio-thumb.gifThe Ohio State Highway Patrol 75th ‘Diamond’ Anniversary shotgun was on display. With the same brushed electroless nickel as the aforementioned Las Vegas less lethal gun.

police870-thumb.gifRemington also had a couple of shotguns on hand that were kitted out for use in police or military tactical operations. The entry gun had a Surefire integral forearm light, rifled sights, spare shell carrier mounted on the receiver and a Knoxx adjustable and recoil-reducing pistol gripped stock.

short-barrel.gifRemington also had an 870 kit that features a short-barreled shotgun with a stand-off mounted on front with vent holes and saw teeth. This shotgun can be used in a breaching role with specialty breaching ammunition or in an anti-personnel role as well if the breach has been made or is not needed. Both of these guns are finished in the black TriNyte finish.


Ithaca Gun Company
The first shotgun I ever used was an Ithaca Model 37. This model was once standard carry in the Los Angeles Police Department’s patrol vehicles. With the first double action bars (if memory serves me right…) and a bottom ejection the model 37 has been around for a long time. Now made in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Ithaca makes a couple different versions suitable for police and self-defense use with more to come.


Benelli USA
Benelli USA had an impressive array of 12 gauge autoloaders and pumps to view at SHOT. The M4 Tactical auto (pictured above) is available in standard stock, pistol grip stock and collapsible stock versions. The 18.5 inch barrel is standard with a standard magazine of four rounds (one in the chamber gives you a five shot capacity). The M4 comes with an excellent ghost ring rear sight and is available with a rail system on top should you choose to mount an after market red-dot sight.


The 18.5” barreled M2 Tactical is available with standard or pistol grip stock and holds five in the magazine upping the round capacity to six with one chambered.


Benelli’s line of pump guns- The Novas – were on display as well. The Nova H2O with standard stock only is finished in nickel on the barrel, magazine, trigger group and all other internal parts to resist corrosion in humid or salty environs.


The Nova Tactical is next with the same 18.5” barrel, open or ghost ring sights, four plus one capacity and standard stock. Both the H2O and the Nova Tactical are available with three or two round magazine extensions respectively (restricted to LE).


The M3 Convertible is a pump or auto-loading shotgun with the same excellent ghost sights which can be an auto for full buckshot or slug loads but converted to a pump to fire bean bag or chemical munition rounds.


The last Benelli offering we’ll examine is the Super Nova which is available in an 18.5” barrel; standard, pistol or comfort tech stock; ghost ring or rifle sights. Benelli offers tritium inserts on their ghost ring sights in the M1, M2, M3 or M4 or Super Nova shotguns.

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