Colt will be attending SHOT Show 2022

While rumors swirl amid attendees purportedly dropping out of SHOT Show 2022, Colt is holding fast. They’ll be in full attendance at the show, with their entire product line on display.

SHOT Show 2022 is Definitely Happening

Despite many manufacturers dropping out of the show, SHOT is still on for 2022. The NSSF is standing firm in their commitment to having the show in as safe a manner as possible. They’ve been posting updates on their official twitter, including photos of the set-up process that’s happening this week.

Colt also voiced their support for SHOT Show 2022, and will be in attendance along with many other manufacturers. From Justin Baldini, Colt’s Director of Product Management: “Colt has been an industry-leading firearms manufacturer for over 185 years! We have a proud history of time-tested rifles, pistols and revolvers. Colt is enthusiastic about the year ahead as we continue a strong sixth year of growth with many new products in the works. We invite visitors to come by the booth and see what’s new at Colt in 2022.”

Colt’s Products on Display

One of the products Colt will have on display at SHOT is their new 3 inch Python revolver. The new Python has been a huge sales success for Colt. The revitalized revolver is still selling for well over MSRP at many retailers. Colt will additionally show their line of AR-pattern rifles, which they resumed building in 2020 after getting caught up on their military contract obligations.

From Colt’s press release:

SHOT Show 2022 promises to be bigger and better than ever! Colt looks forward to connecting with old friends and building new partnerships at the nation’s largest professional event for sports shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. Dealers, distributors, industry members and media are encouraged to stop by the booth to learn and handle Colt’s array of guns. Colt’s knowledgeable staff will be on-site to answer questions, showcase its tried-and-true products, and discuss what’s new in the year ahead.

No matter what, with the ongoing COVID related restrictions and hoops to jump through 2022’s show going to be one of a kind. Furthermore, with a mishmash of manufacturers attending, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next week.

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