ShotSpotter Detroit Test
ShotSpotter Going Through Testing in Detroit

In an effort to combat gun violence, Detroit police are putting a gunshot tracking system through its initial tests.

The system, known as SpotShotter, has been installed on various light poles throughout the city. The pilot program went into effect last Monday and has detected 24 shootings thus far, according to the Detroit News.

The technology, which uses remote monitors — consisting of microphones and circuitry encased in a weatherproof shell — detects loud, explosive noises. It doesn’t raise privacy concerns, said Darrell Dawsey, spokesman for the Detroit American Civil Liberties Union.

… ShotSpotter helps police respond more quickly to shootings because the technology immediately informs dispatchers when and where shots are fired, Craig said.

A central computer analyzes the sound detected by the sensors and pinpoints its location.

“We’re still doing some testing to determine if what we’re hearing are indeed gunshots,” Craig told the Detroit News. “There’s a little tweaking that needs to be done yet.”

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