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The industry shakeup from the fire sale that was the Remington bankruptcy continues to reverberate. Sierra Bullets acquired Barnes Bullets, bringing two major brands together. The move could prove substantial, impacting hunters, long-range shooters and even future military contracts.

Sierra Bullets Acquires Barnes Bullets

The acquisition is pretty exciting. It brings two of the more respected names in bullet-making and ammunition under one venerable management. Sierra owns a well-earned reputation for making some of the most accurate long-range fodder in the world. Meanwhile, Barnes pioneered lead-free, all-copper bullets with products earning a permanent home in hunting camps around the world.

Both companies craft bullets that perform exactly as billed. Terminal performance and precision tag both company brands. Many shooters will no doubt feel excitement about these collective design powers coming together.

“We are super excited and honored for the opportunity to be working with the Barnes Brand. Our strategy is to be the leader in specialty premium bullets and ammunition, and Barnes adds an additional uniquely positioned ‘Super Fan’ brand to the Sierra portfolio,” said Keith Enlow, President of Sierra Bullets. “We want to let the industry and Barnes’ consumers know we are devoted to ensuring the quality of Barnes products, and understand the importance of continuity. We are committed to Barnes’ wonderful employees and the people of Mona, Utah where the brand is based and will continue to operate.”

Barnes Brings Strong Brand

The acquisition gives Sierra multiple strategic and financial benefits. Barnes brings a stand-alone brand featuring comprehensive lead-free, all-copper offerings, with premium component bullets and ammunition. Industry-leading ammunition products include VOR-TX and TAC-XPD will continue to command primary focus. Meanwhile, Barnes will continue to develop and innovate via its award-winning lie of component hunting and target bullets.

“Barnes is the innovator and leader in lead-free, copper bullets — providing unmatched terminal performance, accuracy and dependability for hunters, shooters, and heroes on the frontlines protecting our nation,” Enlow continued. “Our plan is to invest in and grow the Barnes brand as the category leader in premium bullets and ammunition, right here in the great state of Utah.”

Hopefully the new acquisition will lead to more ammo for the rest of us giving the ongoing ammo shortage. For more information, visit or

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