Sig Sauer has rolled out details of its P320 voluntary upgrade, a week after multiple videos surfaced online of the gun failing various drop tests.

Designed for models in all calibers and sizes due to the modularity of the pistols which share the same trigger group, the P320 voluntary upgrade includes an “alternate” design that reduces OA weight of the trigger, sear and striker while adding a mechanical disconnector, the company says.

In order to get in on this upgrade, head over Sig’s website, enter the serial number of your P320, fill out the voluntary upgrade signup form, and wait for Sig to contact you regarding the best way for you to get your P320 to them. Once they get your pistol, they’ll apply the upgrade, test it, and return it to you completely free of charge.

Sig says the turnaround time from when they receive the gun is approximately four to six weeks.

For more information on the P320 voluntary upgrade program, go to

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