A few months ago, we came across a brief statement from the Danish Ministry of Defence announcing the adoption of the Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry as its standard service pistol. Sig has just put out a press release confirming the move.

Danish MoD Testing

According to Sig’s presser, the P320 X-Carry is to be the standard sidearm for the Danish Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The Danish MoD is responsible for “ensuring peace and security, both nationally and internationally,” Sig says. It’s comprised of several organizations, including the Defence Command, Defence Intelligence Service, and the Emergency Management Agency.

As previously reported, the P320 X-Carry beat out the Glock 17 Gen5; Beretta APX; and Canik TP9SF during a testing process that lasted four weeks. All guns were tested for accuracy, night shooting and field testing by the Army, Navy, Air Force and SOCOM. Drop, penetration and precision tests were also conducted by “various selected experts” for each gun. The P320 X-Carry emerged as the winner.

“By far Sig Sauer’s P320 X-Carry outperformed the competition throughout our rigorous and stringent testing process,” Tom Elvius-Brisson, chief of the weaponry branch within the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, said in a statement. “The P320 X-Carry pistol is the modern firearm we were looking for to support our soldiers. The P320 X-Carry has a larger magazine capacity, comes reflex red-dot ready for sighting, and has the ability to incorporate a suppressor – all extremely important features to our soldiers for their sidearm today and are all features which were missing on the current pistol in service in the Danish Defense.”

Some quick digging reveals that, for the past several decades, the sidearm for the Danish Defence has been the M/49 Neuhausen (Sig P210).

P320 X-Carry

The P320 X-Carry is a striker-fired gun with a serialized trigger group. It’s available in different grip sizes and adaptable to multiple calibers. The Danish MoD-issued version of the gun comes with an enhanced X-Cary polymer grip; flat trigger; extended beavertail; extended removable magwell; and a deep undercut trigger guard, Sig Says. This gun comes standard with X-RAY3 night sights, with an option to interchange reflex red-dots. Meanwhile, the 3-point takedown doesn’t require a trigger pull for disassembly. Safety features include a striker safety, disconnect safety and an optional manual safety.

“At Sig Sauer we are committed to manufacturing and providing firearms for the global military and defense community that surpass expectations in quality, performance, and safety. We are very proud that the P320 continues to be the top choice by military and law enforcement from around the world as their standard issue pistol,” said Ron Cohen, President and CEO of Sig Sauer. “It’s an honor to earn the confidence of the Danish Ministry of Defence, to support their mission, and to strengthen our partnership through this selection of the Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry.”

Sig notes in the press release that Denmark is the first European NATO country to select a Sig Sauer P320 series pistol as its standard service gun. The contract with the MoD will be fulfilled through CT Solutions in Denmark.

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