Lena Miculek will headline the upcoming SIG P365 EDC Championship.

SIG Sauer will host the inaugural SIG P365 EDC Championship, presented by the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), July 21-24 at the SIG Sauer Academy in Epping, New Hampshire. The match requires competitors to use a SIG P365 pistol.

SIG P365 EDC Championship

The even comprises 13 stages, with competitors shooting in four different divisions (stock P365, stock P365XL, Carry Optics, and Open). Team SIG’s Lena Miculek will compete in the match as well. Registration remains open to all. The registration will remain open through Monday, July 19.

SIG SAUER Academy, the leading provider of the highest quality firearms instruction and tactical training in the world, is set to host the Inaugural P365 EDC Championship presented by the US Conceal Carry Association (USCCA) at the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire July 21-24, 2021. 

Additionally, USCCA will setup onsite throughout the event. Representatives will provide information and resources about becoming part of USCCA. For even more info, please visit sigsauer.com.

Competitive Divisions

Note: All divisions maintain a 12-round start max limit. Max spare limited to 15 rounds.

  • Stock P365 division: No modifications allowed to firearm or magazines.
  • Stock P365XL division: No modifications allowed. (includes stock P365 with XL grip)
  • Carry Optics: Stock P365 series pistol with mounted optic only.
  • Open division: Modified P365 series pistols that do not fit in other categories. May be outfitted with aftermarket products including optics, frames, triggers, barrels, comps, lights, lasers, mag wells, weighted magazines (list not exhaustive).

Event Dates

  • Squads 11-16: 7/21
  • Squads 21-26: 7/22
  • Skill Builder course: 7/23
  • Squads 31-36: 7/23
  • Squads 41-46: 7/24

Special Categories

  • Law Enforcement: Must be active, reserve or retired law enforcement
  • Military: Must be serving on active duty or a reservist/guard on orders
  • Veteran: Prior service military veteran
  • Media: Employed within the industry or paid contracts, proof required
  • Junior: Must be 18 or under on day of participation
  • Industry: Employed with the industry or contracted, proof required
  • Lady: Top female competitor
  • Senior: Must be 60 years or older on day of participation

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