Exeter NH– SIG SAUER announces the availability of the SIG SAUER Weapons Visibility Network.  The Weapons Visibility Network provides real-time visibility of current location and history of weapons, personnel and high-value assets such as night vision goggles and armored vests.  It is powered by highly secure, metal friendly RuBee (IEEE P1902.1) wireless technology, developed by Visible Assets, Inc.  The solution is currently in operation at highly secure United States Government locations. The Weapons Visibility Network technology is available to be built into our industry-leading products, such as the P226, P229, and P250 pistols, as well as the SIG556 rifles.

The Weapons Visibility Network provides government, military, and law enforcement agencies with real-time information on armory inventory, the flow of weapons in and out of secure locations, and maintenance and training activities.  In addition to the electronics embedded in weapon grips and inventory tags, the solution consists of “RuBee Appliances” such as portals, weapons racks, mats, and specialized shelving.  The weapons’ visibility data flows through these appliances and is presented to users via a secure, thin-client application.

“We are very pleased to be offering this visibility solution to our customers,” said Ron Cohen, President & CEO of SIG SAUER.  “The ability to provide real-time data, in addition to historical audit trails, increases security and saves money, without adding overhead.  People have been trying to address weapons visibility for some time, but have not been able to due to technical hurdles.  We have found the Weapons Visibility Network presents a unique ability to work flawlessly in metal environments as well as having a wireless security model suitable for deployment at highly-secure off-site locations.”

“As the premier provider of weapons to worldwide government, military, and law enforcement agencies, SIG SAUER is the perfect choice as our product partner in Weapons Visibility,” said John Stevens, Chairman & CEO of Visible Assets.  “SIG SAUER is a forward-thinking organization with the engineering expertise and deep market penetration to deliver a viable solution.”

The RuBee electronics are manufactured directly into SIG SAUER weapons.  A variety of pre-engineered and aftermarket solutions are available for non-SIG SAUER weapons and other items, such as night vision goggles, scopes, and armored vests.

The Weapons Visibility Network is available through SIG SAUER.  For more information, please visit

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Exeter NH– SIG SAUER announces the availability of the SIG SAUER Weapons Visibility Network. …