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SIG Sauer Academy recently added two new classes, Shotgun and Rifle Fundamentals. As a result, the two new SIG Sauer Academy Courses begin in 2019 and are geared toward new firearm owners. Moreover, each training course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge in gun safety, manipulation, loading, unloading and firing common types of rifles and shotguns, according to SIG.

Along with basic safety and weapon manipulation, students will learn handling skills, marksmanship, zeroing procedures and positional shooting. The courses also teach students how to properly maintain modern sporting rifle and shotguns. Above all, students will spend time in the classroom and on the range, developing a wide range of skills, according to SIG.

Rifle Fundamentals

This course teaches students how to safely carry, transport and store firearms. Also, the class covers basic operation and function of modern sporting rifles. Rifle Fundamentals touches rifle and ammunition selection, along with loading, shooting, reloading and unloading the weapon. Additionally, students learn rifle manipulation skills, marksmanship fundamentals and zero procedures for both iron sights and red dots. Finally, positional rifle shooting drills and multiple target transitions round out the course.

Shotgun Fundamentals

Like the rifle course, Shotgun Fundamentals covers the basics in safe carry, transport and storage of firearms. Also, the course highlights potential dangers such as penetration, ricochet, misidentification and accidental discharge. Moreover, Shotgun Fundamentals covers loading, manipulation, slug zero and buckshot patterning. Static shooting position drills and practical application drills round out this course.

Above all, each one-day course costs $250.

SIG Sauer Academy

The SIG Sauer Academy, located in Epping, NH, boasts a modern, 140-acre facility capable of providing a wide range of instruction for military, law enforcement and civilian shooters. Also, the facility includes a maritime training area, tactical training area, multiple shoothouses, 1,000-yard range and 360-degree range. Additionally, the SIG Sauer Academy Pro Shop displays the entire SIG inventory, offering guns and gear for sale to the public.

Upcoming SIG Sauer Academy Courses

Rifle Fundamentals:

  • Jan. 16, 2019

Shotgun Fundamentals:

  • March 11, 2019

Additional dates for these and other course can be found at

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