SIG Sauer seemingly sits in the driver’s seat for all things Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) program. From carbines to machine guns to ammunition, SIG continues to prove a player in a program that will likely transform military small arms as we know. And Wednesday, SIG Sauer released a unique behind-the-scenes look at the Army NGSW Program.

SIG Sauer Gives Look at Army NGSW Program

A new video includes an interview with SIG President & CEO Ron Cohen. It highlights SIGs experience in the program. SIG submitted submissions for a program searching for a new belt-fed machine gun (NGSW-AR), rifle (NGSW-R), 6.8×51 hybrid ammo and suppressors.

“The Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons program is the most audacious effort in decades,” Cohen said. “It is the ability to participate in writing history and whatever happens now will dictate the next twenty, thirty, forty years.”

Each SIG submission offers significant advancements in battlefield weapons, according to SIG. Submissions inlcuce SIG 6.8×51 hybrid ammunition. It comprises a lightweight cartridge designed to handle higher pressures. The resulting ammo delivers increased velocity and terminal performance, according to SIG.

The SIG Lightweight Belt-Fed Machine Gun doubles the effect range and weighs 40-percent lighter than the M249. It remains belt-fed but reduces felt recoil. The SIG Rifle, or NGSW-R, builds on the MCX platform. Chambered in 6.8×51, both guns feature AR-style ergonomics and controls. Finally, SIG suppressors reduce sound signature for a complete system.  

One thing proves abundantly clear: SIG went all-in on the Army NGSW Program. Based on recent performance, that means SIG will likely remain a major military small arms player for some time to come.

“We are the only company that makes the ammunition and the weapons so we were able to harness the engineers on the weapons side with the engineers on the ammunition side.  We are the picture of readiness.” Cohen continued, “We are the singular small arms company in this competition, and SIG has the engineering resources, manufacturing resources, asset base and commitment to do this.”

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