Sioux City Police Department Youth Academy
The Sioux City Police Department Youth Academy (CREDIT: KTIV 4).

A potential future career in law enforcement requires hands-on experience, which is where the Sioux City Police Department Youth Academy comes in.

The youth academy teach teens in Sioux City, Iowa, everyday tactics used by police officers in the field. Those tactics range from traffic stops to driving behind the wheel of a police car.

The courses in the youth academy are designed for teens with an interest in law enforcement.

“It shows us the dangers that they go through and what they actually do to protect us every day,” student Krimson Girard told KTIV 4 in Sioux City. “So it gives you a more in-depth appreciation for them.”

Students in the most recent course were able to partake in simulated traffic stops, teaching them that there is nothing “routine” about any stop.

“Routine traffic stops are never routine,” officer James Clark told KTIV 4. “The only thing that’s really routine about them is the position of our patrol vehicles when a person stops. Everything after that is you have different types of drivers.”

Students were also about to negotiate a driving course set up by the Sioux City Police. Check out the video on KTIV 4.

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