SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (May 8, 2008) — Smith & Wesson Corp., the legendary 156-year old firearms maker, announced that it has begun shipping four new models of the popular Military & Police (M&P) pistol series. The new models, which were introduced at the 2008 SHOT Show, include the M&P45 midsize, M&P45 compact, M&P9 Pro Series and the M&P9L pistol. Offering enhanced performance, safety and durability features; the new M&P models offer law enforcement professionals, competitive shooters and those seeking a firearm for personal protection a broad range of choices when selecting a high-performance polymer pistol.

M&P45 Mid-size
The M&P45 mid-size pistol features a 4-inch barrel and is manufactured with the same standard features for all products in the M&P pistol series. The polymer-framed sidearm, chambered in .45 ACP, is available with a traditional black frame, or in a bi-tone, dark earth brown frame. The dark earth brown model is manufactured with a frame-mounted thumb safety along with a lanyard loop while the traditional black model is offered with or without the thumb safety. The M&P45 mid-size measures 7 ½ inches in overall length and is standard with a 10+1 magazine capacity.

M&P45 Compact
Designed for law enforcement or military personnel as a backup or off-duty sidearm, as well as for personal protection, the compact M&P45 (M&P45c) allows for easier concealment combined with minimal felt recoil. The new polymer pistol is the first compact M&P model offered with or without the frame-mounted thumb safety. The M&P45c is available with a traditional black frame or in a bi-tone, dark earth brown frame. As with the other .45 ACP models, the dark earth brown model is manufactured with a thumb safety while the traditional black model is offered with or without the ambidextrous safety. The M&P45c features a 4-inch barrel with an overall length of 7.125 inches and empty weight of 26.2 ounces.  The pistol is standard with an 8+1 magazine capacity and will be shipped with two magazines; one featuring a finger extension.

M&P9 Pro Series
The Smith & Wesson Performance Center has introduced its own custom version of the M&P pistol – the M&P9 Pro Series. Designed with the competitive shooter in mind, this full-size polymer pistol is chambered in 9mm and features a 5-inch barrel with an overall length of 8 ½ inches.  The competition-ready pistol is particularly well-suited for those shooters planning to participate in the various competitive shooting circuits. The M&P9 Pro Series pistol is standard with a dovetail fiber optic green front sight for faster sight acquisition along with a Novak® designed reduced glare rear sight. The increased sight radius allows for a more precise sight alignment necessary in competitive shooting scenarios. The M&P9 Pro Series pistol features a smooth Performance Center 4 to 5 pound trigger pull and is shipped with two 17 round magazines.

In addition to the M&P9 Pro Series, Smith & Wesson is also offering a version of the M&P pistol with a 5-inch barrel, the M&P9L. The M&P9L is chambered in 9mm and measures 8 ¼ inches in overall length.  The 5-inch barrel offers increased accuracy and makes it a viable choice for competitive shooting. The M&P9L pistol has a capacity of 17+1 and an empty weight of 25.2 ounces. The striker fired action (SFA) trigger system features a 6 ½-pound trigger pull and has been designed with an overtravel stop for enhanced performance. The M&P9L is standard with a steel dovetail mount front sight and a steel Lo-Mount carry rear sight.

“Since the M&P pistol was introduced in November 2005, it has received wide acclaim from numerous law enforcement organizations and from the shooting sports community,” said Tom Taylor, Smith & Wesson’s Vice President of Marketing. “Not only has the M&P been selected for duty use by law enforcement and security agencies around the globe, but it has also been used at the highest levels of competitive shooting and has been the recipient of several ‘gun of the year’ awards. The new models introduced this year were a direct result of listening to our customers’ needs and adding flexibility in options to the M&P line to meet those needs.”

Engineered to become the handgun of choice for global law enforcement and military personnel, the M&P pistol design is based on input from numerous law enforcement and military organizations. Manufactured with a polymer frame reinforced with a rigid stainless steel chassis and a through-hardened black Melonite® finished stainless steel barrel and slide for added durability, the M&P pistol benefits from enhanced shootability along with a reduction in felt recoil. Other standard features of the M&P pistol include three interchangeable grips sizes; a sear release lever that eliminates the need to press the trigger in order to disassemble the firearm; an ambidextrous slide stop; reversible magazine releases and a passive trigger safety to prevent the firearm from firing if dropped. The M&P pistol series is available in 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG, and .45ACP calibers.

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