The shooting range at Smith & Wesson is closed as the company looks into the complexities of running a public shooting range. This comes after law enforcement officials said four convicted felons wanted for violent crimes did their own training at the range.

Elizabeth Sharp of Smith & Wesson issued this statement to CBS 3 Springfield News:

“In keeping with our long-standing role as a responsible member of our community, we have always operated our shooting sports center in full compliance with all applicable laws, procedures and regulations, with the safety of our customers and our community as our paramount objective. With regard to the specific case you are asking about, note that all members of the public who visit our shooting sports center are required to provide legal identification and must attest that they comply with all state and federal laws regarding the possession and operation of a firearm. This is a procedure that we follow rigorously in the operation of our range. Moreover, we cooperate fully and completely with law enforcement agencies in the event an individual is found to have violated those requirements.

“We recently made the business decision to temporarily close our Shooting Sports Center while we make changes to better align its purpose with our key business objectives as a firearm manufacturer. This is a decision that we made internally and on our own accord for a number of business-related reasons which include the many complexities of operating a public range, combined with our desire to focus on our manufacturing operation.”

Source: Natalie Tolomeo for WSHM CBS 3 Springfield

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