SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS – Smith & Wesson Corp. has named Bill Porter to the position of Manager, Smith & Wesson Academy. In his new role, Porter will be responsible for the Smith & Wesson Academy’s training efforts and staff along with developing new programs to expand the reach of the Academy within the law enforcement community.

With over ten years of experience as an Academy Instructor, Porter has gained tremendous respect from the law enforcement community. During his tenure, Porter has been instrumental in designing and implementing new course curriculums and training exercises. Prior to the Smith & Wesson Academy, Porter served as a law enforcement officer, firearms instructor and trainer during his 24 years with the Michigan State Police. A U.S. Army Veteran, Porter has achieved great results working with law enforcement officials at the federal, state and local levels. Porter’s professional background included memberships in the Michigan State Police Command Officers Association, International Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association, American Association of State Troopers, International Law Enforcement Educators and the Trainers Association. Porter is also a benefactor member of the National Rifle Association.

“During his time at the Smith & Wesson Academy, Bill has played a key role in the instruction and training of thousands of law enforcement professionals both internationally and within the United States,” said Amaro Goncalves, Smith & Wesson’s Vice President of Law Enforcement, International and U.S. Government Sales. “Bill’s first hand knowledge and diverse background have been instrumental in providing today’s professional with the necessary tools to exceed the demanding needs of law enforcement. His leadership and experience will allow us to continue to improve on what has been considered one of America’s finest training facilities.”

In March, the Smith & Wesson Academy will offer two new classes to prospective students – “Active Shooter Instructor” and “Range Master.” The “Active Shooter Instructor” class is a five-day course focusing on active shooter issues while providing live fire drills, scenario based situations, shoot-don’t-shoot decision-making and interactive events with trained role players. The class will be offered March 24-28, 2008 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Academy will also offer the “Range Master” course for law enforcement professionals whose duties go beyond that of a basic firearms instructor. The course is targeted for those individuals who are tasked with running firearms training programs; developing and operating firearms range facilities and assisting in ammunition and firearms selection for their department. The course will assist law enforcement officials in developing integrated training programs for a wide range of firearms. The course will also cover range design along with regulations and health hazards of firearms ranges. The “Range Master” course is an advanced course and students will need to have attended a previous 40-hour firearms instructor course. The class will be held March 17-21 at the Smith & Wesson Academy and again on March 31 – April 4 in Fresno, California.

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