Smith & Wesson Pays Tribute to Local Veterans
Smith & Wesson Pays Tribute to Local Veterans

Joined by Springfield (MA) Mayor Domenic Sarno, Smith & Wesson unveiled plans to fund and oversee the repair and restoration of the historic Roosevelt Avenue Veteran’s Memorial flagpole, which is located directly in front of the Smith & Wesson facility. Erected in 1931 and serving as part of a Veteran’s Memorial, the flagpole was knocked down by the storm that spawned a historic tornado in downtown Springfield and surrounding areas on June 1, 2011.

Smith & Wesson will sponsor a complete restoration of the flagpole and base, incorporating modern materials and technology that will allow for greater durability of the historic landmark. The base of the flagpole, which is inscribed with wars dating up to World War I, will be updated to include subsequent war dates, in honor of those who served after World War I. The company plans to complete the restoration, as well as maintenance and repair of the adjacent portion of the Memorial, in time to host a rededication ceremony on Memorial Day 2014, the anniversary of the Memorial’s original dedication in 1932. The cost of the restoration and repair are expected to be approximately $200,000, and will be paid entirely by Smith & Wesson.


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