The Springfield Police Department was provided with some new weapons Tuesday, courtesy of Springfield-based gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson.

Every Springfield police officer will carry the new Smith & Wesson .40 caliber M&P sidearm. Smith & Wesson hopes this effort will help to protect police and city residents.

The new weapons are being provided with no cost to Springfield taxpayers.

“It’s important to us to have our guns in as many officers’ hands as we can, and especially for the Springfield P.D., since we know they’re protecting the families of our employees and we like to have the employees build the guns for the officers of the city,” said Leland Nichols, the Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Smith & Wesson.

Springfield police commissioner William Fitchet along with four deputy chiefs received a “special edition” of the .40 caliber M&P service weapon on Tuesday.

From Springfield…

The Springfield, MA Police Department (PD) has chosen to equip all of its officers with primary duty side arms from the company’s Military & Police (M&P) Pistol Series. The M&P40 will be issued to each officer to replace pistols that had previously been in service at the department. Springfield PD has received a total of 580 M&P40 pistols and is currently in the process of transitioning officers over to the new firearms.

Officials within the Springfield PD indicated that the M&P40 would provide a safe and innovative firearm that will allow its officers to best serve and protect the citizens of the city. The department added that the M&P pistol was well suited to meet the needs of the department’s diverse officer makeup, noting such features as the firearm’s interchangeable grips sizes and ambidextrous controls. During Springfield PD’s testing of the new side arm, the M&P pistol was further recognized for its ease of maintenance, accuracy and flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of applications in the field.

“Throughout history, Smith & Wesson and the Springfield Police Department have enjoyed a long-standing partnership,” said Leland Nichols, Vice President of Sales for Smith & Wesson. “It is with great pride that we continue to build that relationship today. We look forward to working closely with the men and women of the Springfield PD, as together we remain focused on exploring new and innovative ways to best assist the citizens of our great community and state.”

Each of the Smith & Wesson M&P40 pistols will be laser engraved with ‘Springfield Police Department’ on the slide along with a special control number across the top. In addition to the new duty side arm, the Springfield PD is currently using M&P15 tactical rifles as the department’s issued patrol rifles.

Source: Robert Gebo for WWLP; Springfield

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The Springfield Police Department was provided with some new weapons Tuesday, courtesy of Springfield-based…