SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (June 19, 2008) ­ Smith & Wesson Corp., announced today that Team Smith & Wesson took home top honors in three divisions during the 2008 Sportsman¹s Team Challenge (STC) held June 13-15, 2008 at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas. The Smith & Wesson Men¹s Team, composed of Doug Koenig, Jerry Miculek and Michael Plaxco, fired the top score of the championship and won the Industry Open Class for the fifth consecutive year. In the Women¹s Division, the Smith & Wesson Ladies Team placed first overall after staging a come-from-behind victory on the last day of competition. Competing in the Sub Junior Division, the Smith & Wesson Club 1852 Junior Team earned its second consecutive first place finish.

³Out of all the matches in which I have competed, the Sportsman¹s Team Challenge is by far the most fun,² said Michael Plaxco, District Sales Manager and member of Team Smith & Wesson. ³The three-man team aspect adds a different level of complexity and each shooter is able to bring their own skills to the match. I have known both Doug and Jerry for over 20 years and with that comes a certain amount of familiarity and confidence in each other¹s abilities. We each have our own preference in addressing the different stages, but as a team we are able to work together to achieve the best possible score.²

The 2008 Sportsman¹s Team challenge featured over 80 three-person teams with more than 240 total competitors vying for the three-gun national title. During the annual competition, each member of every team is required to shoot three firearms ­ rifle, pistol and shotgun. There are six individual events and all shots by every team member are used to calculate the final score. The events for the Sportsman¹s Team challenge include: Rifle; Combo; Handgun; Mixed Bag; Flush and Flurry. The first event, Rifle, requires shooters to use a .22 rifle while firing at 46 steel targets that vary in size, distance and point value. The next event, Combo, requires teams to use one .22 rifle and two .22 handguns as they shoot 50 targets ranging in distance from 25 to 80 yards. The last metallic event is Handgun, in which shooters compete in a relay, firing at 48 total targets within restricted time limits. The final three events take competitors to the shotgun course where they engage in three unique 50-bird sporting clay style matches.

In the Women¹s Division, the Smith & Wesson sponsored team of Kay Miculek, Justin Hendrix and Annette Aysen delivered a dramatic victory and earned first place overall. After advancing to the last day of the match in second place, the women¹s team secured their first place finish after turning in high scores on the last stage.

³After narrowing the point margin from the preliminaries, we entered the last day of competition in second place,² said Smith & Wesson Team member Annette Aysen. ³We had no idea whether or not we won until we walked off the last stage and looked at the scoreboard. It was an incredible feeling and everyone was absolutely ecstatic after the match.²

Aysen continued, ³This was my first time competing in the Sportsman¹s Team Challenge and it was a lot of fun. At the suggestion of my teammate Kay Miculek, I went to a regional match earlier this year to get a feel for participating in a three-person team. During the match, I discovered that while competing as a team, you don¹t have the extra stress that often accompanies standing alone on the line. If you haven¹t had a chance to compete in the STC, I encourage you to give it a try. I can definitely say that after my first match I¹m hooked.²

Also competing in this year¹s match was the Smith & Wesson Club 1852 Junior Team. This year¹s Junior Team consisted of Lena Miculek, Shea Self and Libbie Lange. The Junior Team won the Sub Junior division for their second consecutive year.

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