The World War II-era Soviet PPSh and German MP40 are two of the most iconic submachine guns ever produced, so naturally it makes sense to compare them against each other.

Who better to make that comparison than Russian state-owned manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern? Well, there’s a variety of better options if you’re looking for objectivity. But if you’re looking for cool production values, this’ll do the job just fine.

In the video above, Vladimir Onokoy, technical advisor for Kalashnikov Concern, gives you a brief history of the development of the PPSh and MP40. He then tests out both for controllability in full-auto fire; accuracy; and the ability to penetrate obstacles.

Which submachine gun won out in the end? We’ll let you take a wild guess. But it’s still cool to see two legendary guns in action.

Check out the specs for the PPSh and MP40 below.

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Soviet PPSh & German MP40 Specs

Soviet PPSh German MP40
Caliber 7.62x25mm Tokarev 9mm
Barrel 10.6 inches 9.9 inches
OA Length 33.2 inches 24.8-32.8 inches
Weight 8 pounds (empty) 8.75 pounds (empty)
Stock Wood Folding
Sights Hooded front, flip-up aperture rear Hooded front, tangent rear
Action Blowback-operated, select-fire Full-auto
Finish Matte black Blued or Parkerized
Capacity 35+1 (box), 75+1 (drum) 32

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