Cherry Point air station range operations will be providing support for U.S. Special Operations Command military training exercises through April 3, some of which involve live fire.

In addition to normal unit level training events taking place throughout the Cherry Point Range and Airspace Complex, two special boat teams out of Norfolk and Little Creek, Va., are operating out of Cherry Point and Morehead City.

They began going to and from, and operating within the prohibited surface areas of Piney Island (BT-11) and Brandt Shoal (BT-9) bombing and gunnery ranges on Tuesday, said 2nd Lt. Megan Long of the Cherry Point Public Affairs Office. This phase of the operation continues through Friday, is scheduled to begin again Monday and continues through April 3.

The operations include live fire on each of those days and night operations until 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. on some nights, she said.

Waterborne raids from Cherry Point into Bogue Field near Cape Carteret are scheduled for nights from March 29 to 31, Long said. Those nearby can expect to hear blank fire and see muzzle flashes and possible flares in and around Bogue Field during this training for routine pre-deployment certification.

The activities have been coordinated with local authorities and owners of the training sites, Long said, and established safety precautions have been taken to prevent unnecessary risk to the general public and the military personnel involved.

The exercises are to train in maritime environments that simulate as closely as possible the conditions in which Naval Special Warfare units conduct real-world operations. For safety and security concerns, details of the exercises, their locations or specific information about the units and their personnel in the exercises is not made public.

Source: New Bern Sun Journal, New Bern, NC

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