Brownells has donated over $100,000 to the Special Operations Wounded Warriors fund

With assistance from its customers, Brownells donates $137,000 to Special Operations Wounded Warriors charity. Portions of sales during a Veterans Day event from November 8th through the 12th generated the six figure sum.

Helping our Most Deserving Veterans

Special Operations Wounded Warriors provides outdoor experiences to active duty and veterans of the military’s various special operations units. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, many of their traditional fundraising activities have been curtailed. Because they encountered increasing difficulty raising money from traditional events, outside donations are increasingly important.

Brownells Steps Up

Enter Brownells, an organization with a long history of support for veterans. During the week of Veterans Day 2021, they pledged to donate to the Special Operations Wounded Warriors fund. The customers responded, and generated sufficient sales that Brownells could donate over $137,000 to SOWW. Pete Brownell, Chairman of Brownells had this to say: “We are very grateful for our customers who helped us fund this awesome organization. Thank you all for helping fund SOWW and for supporting the warfighters who benefit from SOWW.”

“We are forever thankful for the continued support that Brownells has offered Special Operations Wounded Warriors,” said SOWW President Joel Pellicci. “They have been a partner in charity since our inception and they continue to be a major source of funds and support of our efforts to help special operations veterans throughout the year.  Brownells’ support over the past two years has been our charity’s lifeblood due to the loss of annual fundraising events because of Covid 19 impacts.”

Members of the SOWW Board of Directors do not take salaries. This helps direct the maximum amount of money to its mission. The organization steadfastly focuses on its mission to help America’s Special Operations Wounded Warriors. To help support SOWW, visit 

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