The NYPD has awarded Speer a lucrative contract for its 124-grain, 9mm Luger +P Gold Dot Duty ammunition.

NYPD Ammo Contract

According to the presser, the five-year deal is worth up to $18 million.

With nearly 40,000 sworn officers, the NYPD is the largest police department in the country. As of August 31 of this year, every officer in the department must use one of three authorized duty guns: the Glock 17 Gen4; Glock 19 Gen4; or the Sig Sauer P226 DAO. Each model is issued with the department’s notorious 12-pound trigger pull.

“We are proud to support a majority of the nation’s law enforcement agencies and we will continue to focus on providing the best ammunition to their officers each and every day,” said Speer President Jason Vanderbrink. “We are honored to be the ammunition brand of choice for the nation’s largest agency, the New York City Police Department. Speer Gold Dot duty and training rounds have a 20-year history supporting more than 35,000 NYPD officers who protect and serve their communities.”

“Speer is the world leader in law enforcement and military ammunition,” Vanderbrink added. “It is the company’s heritage and foundation. Our unwavering support for the brave men and women who keep us safe is not subject to political rhetoric or winning a contract. We are proud to stand with our law enforcement agencies through thick and thin.”

Gold Dot Duty Ammo

Here’s a quick primer on Speer’s Gold Dot ammo:

Gold Dot was the first handgun ammunition loaded with true, bonded-core bullets. Speer’s exclusive Uni-Cor construction process bonds the jacket to the alloyed lead core one atom at a time. This process virtually eliminates core-jacket separation while guaranteeing uniform jacket thickness for superior accuracy.

Each Gold Dot hollow-point cavity is tuned by caliber and bullet weight to ensure optimum expansion and penetration. Additional Gold Dot features include ultra-reliable CCI primers, plus high-powered, clean-burning propellants and nickel-plated brass cases for smooth function and extreme durability.


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