Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone Ramstein
U.S. Air Force Photo/Staff Sgt. Sara Keller

U.S. Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone was stabbed early Thursday morning during a brawl outside of a nightclub in Sacramento, Calif.

Stone was reportedly in stable condition as of Friday morning and is expected to make a full recovery.

Stone and his two friends put their lives on the line when they stopped a gunman aboard a Paris-bound train back in August, instantly turning them in global heroes.

Details are still coming in about Thursday night’s stabbing, but it has been reported by multiple media outlets that Stone was stabbed after defending a girl who was being hit at the bar.

Sacramento Police said that the stabbing was not an act of terrorism.

“The assault does not appear to be a random act. It is believed to be related to a nightclub incident,” Sacramento Deputy Chief Ken Bernard told KCRA 3. “This incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks enjoying the nightlife in Midtown. It is not related to terrorism in any way.”

Police are currently searching for two to three suspects in relation to the stabbing.

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