After launching the best, out of the box, competition handgun in 9mm just a few short months ago, Springfield Armory® is announcing that the XD(M)® Competition Series pistol is now available in .45ACP. With the fantastic acceptance of the 9mm, we just had to get the major caliber version out ASAP.

The XD(M)® 5.25 Competition Series pistols feature refinements in accuracy and shoot-ability which aid in speed and precision shooting applications.

The longer slide and barrel offer a longer sighting radius. This makes it is easier to see alignment errors and then correct those errors. This leads to enhanced human accuracy. The part you can control. It allows you to aim better. It is also easier to shoot fast when you have a longer sighting plane. It comes down to a thing called “point-ability”.

The new, adjustable precision target rear, and fiber optic insert serrated front sights are better than most options that you can have installed from a custom shop. Springfield’s professional shooter, multi-time World Champion, Rob Leatham says, “This is the best rear sight he has seen on this category of gun. Makes anything before it obsolete.”

The lightening cut reduces slide and reciprocating mass. If the parts you are trying to move are too heavy, they will not work at the right speed. Competition shooters are always looking for an edge, and lightening slides, when permitted by the rules of competition, allow a wider variety of ammunition to function properly. A longer slide normally means more weight, but the engineers on this project were able to lighten moving parts to weigh the same as our shorter 4.5 inch barrel length XD(M)®’s. Plus they look really cool!

Lots of shooters look for increased accuracy and end up hunting for custom match grade barrels with improved fit. This “enhanced barrel fit” gives you never before seen accuracy from a factory stock polymer pistol. Rob Leatham believes this model is accurate enough, out of the box, to win at events like the Bianchi Cup, The Steel Challenge and the USPSA and IDPA Nationals, and he plans on testing this belief out in upcoming competitions.

Other things like barrel locking points that are further apart may help with the accuracy also, but it is really the sum of all of the changes that make these pistols so special.

As with all XD(M)®’s, you get very high magazine capacity. For those of you that like your guns to hold lots of rounds.
The XD(M)® 5.25 Competition Series .45 gives the big bore enthusiast the best shooting, best handling polymer pistol platform available, out of the box. In addition to all the features of it’s little brother, the 9mm, the .45 brings you increased Accuracy, Speed and Power.

Sometimes .45 ‘s get too big and unwieldy when using double stack magazines! Not this time! You will not believe how compact the XD(M)® .45 grip is, and it is carrying 13 rounds of what is arguably the best defensive pistol cartridge ever devised.

Remember, it’s not just the competition shooter who gets to benefit from all of these features, it will raise the standard for performance in the polymer pistol market, no matter what caliber you choose.

Source: Springfield Armory; For more information check out

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