Hot on the heels of Springfield Armory’s new XD(M)® 5.25 Competition Series pistol in 9mm and .45ACP, comes the XD(M)® 5.25 .40CAL.

First off, all of the XD(M)® 5.25 Competition Series pistols feature refinements that increase accuracy, enhance shoot-ability and aid in speed and precision shooting applications.
The longer slide and barrel offers a longer sighting radius. The sights are further apart, making it is easier to see alignment errors and then correct those errors, making aiming easier, and better to control. The longer sighting plane also makes follow-up shots faster.

Featuring excellent, easily adjustable precision rear target sight, and a tall, fiber optic insert, with serrated front sights. Springfield’s professional shooter Rob Leatham says his is the best rear sight he has seen on this category of gun.”

Competition shooters are always looking for an edge, and a lightening cut in the slide, when permitted by the rules of competition, allow a wider variety of ammunition to function properly. A longer slide normally means more weight, but the engineers on this project were able to lighten moving parts to weigh the same as our shorter 4.5 inch barrel length XD(M)®’s.

A lot of shooters looking for increased accuracy end up hunting for custom, match grade barrels with improved fit. Our “enhanced barrel fit” gives you never before seen accuracy from a factory stock polymer pistol. Rob believes it’s accurate enough out of the box to win at events like the Bianchi Cup, The Steel Challenge and the USPSA and IDPA Nationals.

Other things like barrel locking points that are further apart may help with the accuracy also, but it is really the sum of all the changes that make these pistols so special.

As with all XD(M)®’s, you get very high magazine capacity accommodating 19 + 1 rounds in 9MM, respectively, .45ACP (13 + 1 rounds) and now available in .40cal (16+1 rounds).

The XD(M)® 5.25 Competition Series .40 is going to be the perfect pistol for a shooter looking for the one gun that fits all. You can shoot it in production class, limited ten, limited, standard, ESP etc. Where the 9mm is only allowed to score what is called minor caliber, the .40 is going to let you shoot major.

No longer do you have to spend thousands to get high levels of performance. It’s engineered right into that 5.25 from the factory.

You can also build on the familiarity of gun to gun consistency. If you are shooting an XD(M)® 5.25 9mm in production now, the .40 is going to be just like it. You can switch to Limited or Limited ten with no need to adapt or alter your form or technique. And don’t think it’s just the competition shooter who gets to benefit from these features. Any shooter looking to increase his/her speed and accuracy is going to appreciate the whole line of 5.25’s.

All these features out of the box are guaranteed to make the XD(M)® 5.25 Competition Series pistol the standard for performance in the polymer pistol market, no matter what caliber you choose.

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Source: Springfield Armory

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